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Huadi Bamboo Expandable Drawer Dividers (17.72"-21.65") 4-PACK

Huadi Bamboo Expandable Drawer Dividers (17.72"-21.65") 4-PACK

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Huadi Bamboo Drawer Dividers Organizers (17.72"-21.65") 4-PACK Expandable Drawer Organization Separators For Kitchen, Dresser, Bedroom, Bathroom and Office

Premium Moso Bamboo Material: 100% eco-friendly bamboo contributes to super smooth, sturdy & durable drawer dividers.

Each kitchen drawer divider has a built-in spring to keep them in place and just adjust the length of the divider to fit most drawers.Non-slip Rubber Pad End Design: The ends of these cutlery drawer organizers are backed with soft non-slip rubber to keep the kitchen drawer organizers sturdily in place and avoid scratching or damaging of your drawers.

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