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Wooden Rainbow Building Blocks

Wooden Rainbow Building Blocks

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OPEN ENDED TOYS: Unlike traditional rainbow building blocks, we combine 12 rainbow building blocks, 11 half-round building blocks, 11 rectangular building blocks and 11 man-shaped building blocks into a set that offers unusual playability and possibility.

INTEGRATED SKILL DEVELOPMENT: Rainbow blocks can stimulate a child's sense of challenge and hands-on ability, improve creativity, resilience and perseverance, and enhance fine motor skills, visual-spatial skills and color. Recognize and train logical thinking accordingly. Stacking, nesting, and building can stimulate reasoning skills that help children identify and establish connections between abstract concepts or actual relationships between images and concrete things.

THE PERFECT FAMILY GAME: When children play alone, this is a great toy to improve their patience and develop their independent thinking and logical reasoning skills. When children and parents focus on the game, it becomes an excellent interactive game that promotes a connection between them. In addition, this delightful stacked toy can be used as a unique home decor item to add romance to the house.

PORTABLE YET RUGGED DESIGN: These are mid-sized rainbow blocks designed for travel and homeschool. Children can take this toy anywhere they like, and it is easy to carry. Despite its smaller size, the thicker wood prevents it from cracking or breaking.

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